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The flamingo drill named by HG as a means to develop faster arms with proper technique.

Reverse Engineering the Golf Swing

In trying to play professionally, I thought the more I knew the better I would play.  However, what happened was just the opposite, my game got worse and I kept getting reinjured.  However, when I played with PGA & Senior PGA Tour players that I coached, they were trying to minimize their thinking and just react to the situation in front of them.

 So at age 49, I decided to go back to school and learn how to become a better coach and player.   I've earned the advanced degree of Master of Science in Exercise Science and currenly a Ph.D. Candidate in Human Factors Engineering.  

These advanced degrees have opened the door to understanding Neuromotor Control - how we learn a skill, Systems Engineering - how we learn to use tools, Cognitive Engineering - how we process information, Biomechanics - how we move, and many more sciences.

I'm taking my initial beliefs and what I've learned from professional golfers, athletes, and teachers, synethesizing their words of wisdom into science based principles to create Reactionary Golf.

I hope you will join me on my journey!



Inside the Golf Lab

As part of the MSU CAVS Human Performance Lab, I'm conducting golf research to further dive deeper into the scientific and engineering principles of the human golf machine. 


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